WordPress plugin “Explanatory Dictionary” new 3.0 version

The new version of WordPress plugin “Explanatory Dictionary” 3.0. is created. The following updates have been done in this version:

1. The tooltips show and hide using jQuery fadeIn and fadeOut effects.
2. Now you can move the mouse cursor over the tooltip.
3. You can add HTML code in the explanation.
4. Added “Synonyms and forms” field where you can add the synonyms and/or the different forms of the words (words expressions, sentences) and it will show their explanation as well.
5. Besides the fields “Explanation” you can also edit the fields “Word (words expression, sentence)” and “Synonyms and forms” as well.
6. The first page of the glossary shows all words (words expressions, sentences) with their explanations.
7. Now you can remove the alphabet.
8. Now you can remove the tooltips and use only the glossary page.


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