Scrollable content by JavaScript

This is a scrollable content example created by JavaScript: (more…)

Count of all external links of the web page

This is a JavaScript script for counting all external links of the web page (more…)

Countdown Clock

This script is an example of countdown clock. You can set seconds and start countdown (more…)

Move JavaScript codes from a file to an other file

An example to move the JavaScript codes from a file to an other file: (more…)


This is an image manipulation script that makes the selected photos grayscale and in the case of mouseover the colors are restored. It is easy to use, just put “grayscale” as the classes of the images. It used PHP and JavaScript for developing the script. (more…)

Text counter by JavaScript

This is an example for adding a counter to the inputing texts of tags <textarea> and <input>: (more…)

The Last Visited Pages

Setting this script on your website will give your visitors the great opportunity to see their last visited pages of your website. The visited pages links are created by using DOM and JavaScript. Script is working by the Cookies (the visited pages are kept for example about a month – the period is decided by you). The quantity of the shown links are set by you. So, this is a very effective and comfortable script, that will be very pleasant for the visitors of your website. (more…)

Disable all links by javascript

To disable all links of a web page add the script bellow just after </body> (more…)

Passing time by JavaScript

This script shows the passing time from the date you desire (more…)

Check/uncheck checkboxes by JavaScript

The easy way to check/uncheck checkboxes. Insert into <head></head> this script (more…)