Generate YouTube video browser-based uploading form by PHP

Here is an example how to generate YouTube video browser-based uploading form by PHP: (more…)


Retrieve links and sort them by follow or nofollow

This PHP example is used to retrieve all links from a file content or a url content, then sort by the follow links or nofollow links and show them (more…)

Sort all words and write into a file

A PHP example to sort all words of a text in alphabetical order and write the words into a file (more…)

Automatically put words for autocompleting

A code example that will automatically put those words for autocompleting that are more often happen in the texts (more…)

Move JavaScript codes from a file to an other file

An example to move the JavaScript codes from a file to an other file: (more…)

Search text in the directory files

An example for searching text (a word or phrase) in the directory files: (more…)


This is an image manipulation script that makes the selected photos grayscale and in the case of mouseover the colors are restored. It is easy to use, just put “grayscale” as the classes of the images. It used PHP and JavaScript for developing the script. (more…)

Sort texts by matching the word

An example for sorting texts in array by matching the word in them: (more…)

Select matching words from two texts

This function returns matching words array from two texts or returns false in case of not matching any words. (more…)

Write rss to a file

This function is used for writing rss to a file. (more…)